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Continental Benefits Group

About Continental Benefits Group, Inc.

Continental Benefits Group, Inc. (CBGI) is a full service third party administrator specializing in tax-qualified retirement plans and non-qualified deferred compensation plans including:
 - 401(k) Plans
 - Profit Sharing Plans
 - Money Purchase Plans
 - 403(b) Plans
 - Davis-Bacon or Prevailing Wage Plans
 - ESOPs
 - New Comparability, Age-neutral and Age-weighted Plan Services
 - Target Benefit Plans
 - Defined Benefit Plans|
 - Multiple Employer Plans
 - Multiemployer Plans
 - 125 Plans (Cafeteria Plans)
 - Executive Compensation/Non-qualified Plans

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A unique feature of CBGI is, that the President of CBGI, George Morrison, also owns and operates the Law Firm of G.M. Morrison, P.C. ("G.M. Morrison"). G.M. Morrison and CBGI are both located in Burlington, New Jersey (suburb of Philadelphia, PA). G.M. Morrison is an employee benefit law firm that provides legal services to business entities, tax-exempt organizations, individuals, and retirement plan trustees nationwide. The primary focus of the Firm is tax-qualified plans, non-qualified plans and cafeteria plans. This gives CBGI a major competitive advantage over its competitors because it ensures that a plan will be designed, installed and maintained within the IRS and DOL guidelines. The services of CBGI can be offered in connection with G.M. Morrison or you can use the services of another law firm.

CBGI also employs an enrolled actuary to handle defined benefit and cash balance plans.

We are attorneys, actuaries, experienced plan consultants, plan administrators and marketing professionals. Our plan administrators tackle the day-to-day complexities of retirement plans from compliance testing to distribution processing.

Our consultants work on sophisticated plan designs to ensure an employer maximizes the benefits of the plan. Our legal team handles the correction of compliance problems using all means available. These include corrections under the voluntary compliance program sponsored by the IRS, the voluntary fiduciary correction program sponsored by the DOL, and the delinquent filer voluntary compliance program.

If you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our staff. Click here to view our staff contact information.